Rewards Program

Sales Associates play as the crucial bridge connecting Retailers and Consumers. Their unwavering dedication and outstanding sales skills are pivotal in captivating customers and closing sales. In light of this, ASHI has introduced an innovative cloud-based Rewards Program, designed to appreciate and motivate your Sales Associates.

Within the ASHI Rewards Program, Sales Associates will be rewarded for each ASHI product they successfully sell, creating an atmosphere that promotes elevated sales performance. By incentivizing your Sales Associates, this program is strategically poised to contribute to your store's sales growth.

Sales Associates will be able to accumulate Rewards Points for each ASHI product they sell, which they can redeem later for money in the form of a Reloadable VISA Prepaid Card. This Program is entirely cost-free for your business and all rewards to the Sales Associates will be given by ASHI. We encourage you to watch the Video to learn more about the ASHI Rewards Program.

As of Feb, 2024, over 1,165 Retail Sales Associates have signed up for the Rewards Program - allowing us to give out over $260,000 in Rewards $$$!

Benefits of the ASHI Rewards Program:

  • Encourages Performance - With redeemable Rewards Points being accumulated for every sale, there is a clear incentive for each Sales Associate to make sure they work towards and secure each and every sales opportunity and customer.
  • Maximize Profits - With each Sales Associate working towards increasing their sales output, there is an immediate boost to the profits earned by you as a retailer.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction - With the program rewarding for every successful sale, Sales Associates will experience greater job satisfaction, as their efforts are being directly rewarded.
  • Loyalty - The Rewards Program also garners an increased sense of Loyalty. Sales Associates who see that their efforts are valued, appreciated and rewarded, will naturally become loyal to your organization.
  • Healthy Competition - The Rewards Program will naturally foster a sense of healthy competition among the Sales Associates, with each individual working hard to maximize points earned. This in turn will help you generate greater sales and profit margins.

Features of the ASHI Rewards Program:

  • Cloud-Based Mobile Friendly Platform: We have developed a cloud-based mobile-friendly platform, in which your Sales Associates can easily and quickly fill out details of each sale they made on their mobile phone, in order to receive Rewards Points for that sale.
  • Recording a Sale: To record a sale, the Sales Associates have to choose the item they sold from your inventory list, which will be uploaded in the Rewards Module, fill out some basic details of the product sold and upload the sales receipt.
  • Split Sales: We allow up to three Sales Associates to split a single sale encouraging teamwork and collaboration.
  • Rewards Points: Sales Associates will accumulate Rewards Points for every sale they record. These accumulated Rewards Points will be reflected in their individual dashboards.
  • Redemption of Rewards Points: These Rewards Points can be redeemed through Reloadable Prepaid Cards, which can be used wherever VISA is accepted.
  • Rewards Manager Role: You may also assign the role of ‘Rewards Manager’ to your Store Manager in order to manage this program smoothly. The Rewards Manager can also have the role of the Sales Associate and earn Rewards Points for sales made.


We’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few of our retailers and receive their feedback on the program. Here's what they had to say:

“My sales associates have been so excited about the ASHI rewards program adding on additional sales to get more reward points. We noticed a huge tick up with our ASHI numbers once we implemented the program last Christmas. ASHI went from my top ten vendors in 2021. They are my number 1 vendor as of today! Thank you for offering this to my sales associates and teaming up with us to be successful.”

Kara Tipton-Smith
Tipton's Fine Jewelry
Lawton, OK

“I really appreciate this program, I think it's awesome when a company like ASHI offers rewards like this, in the way they have! No crazy hoops to jump through or restrictions of product categories just sell their merchandise and get paid! Thank you for this ASHI!”

Ben Natili
Sales Associate
Seita Jewelers
Tarentum, PA

“As a small retailer, the ASHI Rewards Program was very easy to set up and track. It has been fun and inspiring for our team. We have had a healthy competition for who could reach the 5,000 points first. Who could get the most points within a month, etc. The support that we have received from the Rewards Support team (esp. Jessica) has been wonderful, when I’ve asked questions that she did not have the answer to, she was very prompt to find the answer or solution. The ASHI Rewards Program has been a benefit to our team, and free money is always great!”

Marsha Hilton
Rewards Manager
Thomas Hill Jewelers
Hinesville, GA

“The ASHI Rewards Program is an extremely user-friendly way for employees to not only track their sales but earn free money in the process! All you have to do is sell an ASHI jewelry item, fill in a few blanks, attach a copy of the receipt & submit! Once you have enough points a reloadable VISA card will be mailed to you. Keep selling and they will keep reloading! It’s that easy! Another example of why ASHI is such a great partner.”

Mr. Bill Becker
Owner, Becker’s Jewelers

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Rewards Program, you can reach out to your Regional Sales Representatives or contact Jessica Silbert at (337) 442-9084 or email us at for more information.