Leverage the Power of the ASHI B2B Website

ASHI B2B Website is an excellent resource for placing orders, viewing detailed information on all of our styles, best sellers, and related styles as well as our latest catalogs, marketing programs, and gain full access to your orders and accounting information.

This user-friendly website has an updated interface, improved navigation, enhanced product search, filter features, style measurements, virtual try-on, 360-degree product views, marketing section, as well as in-stock availability information, and special order & custom quotation functionality.

The Retailer Storefront & User Management Module serves as a powerful tool within the ASHI B2B Website, enabling seamless access and efficient collaboration for your Sales Associates. Allowing you to provide access to the ASHI B2B Website at Retail Price to your Sales Associates. With this capability, your Sales Associates can confidently engage with consumers with real-time information and pricing, encouraging enhanced customer interactions.

Furthermore, this introduces a personalized touch by equipping each user with their very own Wish List. This Wish List serves as a virtual canvas where Sales Associates can curate a collection of products that align with the consumers preferences and desires; enabling Sales Associates to share with the end consumer. Use the ASHI B2B Website to showcase to your end consumers, complete with your Store Logo and Retail Markup. By establishing a Sales Associate account as a designated MyStorefront User, you unlock the gateway to a tailored experience with your Retail Markup.

We thank our customers for their valuable feedback and suggestions, which enabled us to add useful features and updates to the B2B Website. We invite you to browse the ASHI B2B website to learn more about these recent updates. Please login with your existing B2B Jeweler Account Information to view the changes.

It's never been easier to choose products and place orders. To convert browsers into buyers, ASHI's Five-Day Invoice/Memo Program is available to authorized retailers. Utilize ASHI's extensive In-house Inventory to pick the right styles for a 5-day Preview and Close the Sale, with a proven 45% sell-through rate!


  • Retail Storefront

    If you wish to showcase the ASHI B2B Website to your end customer branded with your Store Logo and Retail Markup - simply create a Sales Associate as a MyStorefront User and login into your store computer or tablet.

  • User Management Module

    New User Management module will help you assign ASHI B2B Website access to your Sales Associates based on their position and rights that you wish to give. You now have the flexibility to give access to the ASHI B2B Website with Retail Price at your custom markup to your Sales Associates and Marketing Agency. Users will also have their Wish List to which they can add their choice of products.

  • Stock Availability Information

    You can now check whether or not an item is in stock when placing an order. On each product description page, you'll see if that style is in stock or how quickly it can be delivered, along with an estimated delivery date.

  • Special Order

    With the help of the Special Order feature, you can place an order by selecting the Metal Karat, Metal Color, or Size as per your requirement. The website will provide you with the approximate pricing and the delivery date of that style, and simply place your special order online.

  • Custom Quote

    This feature allows you to get a quotation for any ASHI Style including customizations in Metal Karat, Metal Color, Size, Diamond Quality, Diamond Weight, Center Stone or Color Stone. You can also set your approx. budget and upload a reference image or sketch. Upon receiving your requirements, we will then provide you with a Custom Quote for your product.

  • Virtual Try-On

    A real-time virtual try-on feature is embedded into the product detail page for rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. This technology improves consumers’ confidence in jewelry purchases by allowing them to experience realistic product try-on that accurately depict the style.

  • 360 Degree Product Views

    This new feature provides an enhanced preview of the jewelry where you can control the product view, giving you a better perspective of the style. ASHI’s 360 Degree Product Views will function across all devices and is responsive to varying screen sizes, whether it’s a Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop.

  • Enhanced Style Variant Selection

    You can choose from a variety of options on the Product Detail Page, including Metal Karat, Metal Color, Diamond Quality, Diamond Carat Weight, Style Options, Matching Sets, Center Stone Sizes & Shapes and much more. For Semi-Mount models, you can choose from a variety of Center Stone Ranges & Shapes. For Gemstone, you will have the option to choose the Color Stone type and Gemstone Sizes & Shapes. These features will help you make the best product choices quickly and efficiently.

  • Style Measurement Information

    Majority of ASHI styles now include style measurement details: jewelry sizes, dimensions, and measurements. This information will significantly help you in making a Sale.

  • Enhanced Product Categories

    ASHI has improved the way products are classified; you can now scan and filter for the exact styles that your customers are searching for. This is useful to recognize the different categories of products.

  • Advanced & Improved Search

    ASHI has implemented a modern search engine to provide optimized results and product insights. ASHI's latest search, which places a strong emphasis on search functionality and features, will enable you to quickly find the item(s) you are looking for without searching through several products, expediting the ordering process.

  • Improved Wish List

    By clicking on the Heart Icon, you can now add styles to the Wish List and easily transfer styles from the Wish List into the Order Cart. A Wish List allows you to create personalized collections of products you want to buy and save them in your account for future reference.

  • Upgraded Shopping Cart Capability

    View Related and Similar Styles when you add a product to the Shopping Cart with a Dropdown Preview of the styles.

  • Book a Virtual Zoom Meeting

    A New Way to Connect with ASHI - Virtual Meeting using Zoom to facilitate communication and strengthen business operations with Retail Partners.

  • Marketing Section

    Retrieving content from the ASHI B2B Website for Social Media Platforms and Store advertisements has never been easier. You can download the materials directly from our website without being redirected.

  • Rewards Program

    ASHI will reward your Sales Associates for every ASHI item they sell, which will improve sales performance, create friendly competition with the staff and ultimately increase your store sales! This program is completely FREE for you. Your Sales Associates will be given a Reloadable VISA Prepaid Card to spend wherever they like.



  • Style History

    With the help of Style History, view your past orders, open orders, open memo, invoices, and current inventory info for each style. Whether it be your top sellers, new designs, or replenishing your sold products, this will facilitate you in a faster buying decision.

  • Sales Quotation

    Create New Sales Quotations or convert your Wish List to a Sales Quotation and add styles that can be shared via email with your customers, internal team members, or ASHI. ASHI Sales Representative can create and share Sales Quotations with you.

  • Orders and Accounts Drill-down Reports

    Our latest Orders and Accounts Drill-down Reports will provide you with a more detailed view of your data for all current and past orders related to your accounting in the easiest and simplest format.

  • Memo Reports

    Memo reporting feature allows you to mark the memo styles as sold, share, and suggest replenishments to ASHI to create the invoicing.


Many of our Retailers have already placed orders and are reaping the benefits of this user-friendly website. We strongly encourage you to log into your Jeweler Account and begin using the Online Product Selection and Order Placement features. Please click on "New Account Request" if you have not yet registered for an ASHI B2B Website Jeweler Account.


For more information on the ASHI B2B Website, ASHI Styles or Marketing Support, please call ASHI at 800.622.ASHI, contact your Regional Sales Representatives.